Customary International Humanitarian Law: Challenges, Practices and Debates

September 29 to October 1, 2005
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

McGill University and the Canadian Red Cross hosted an international conference in Montreal to discuss the conclusions of the recent International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) study on customary international humanitarian law.

This unique study conducted by the ICRC in cooperation with hundreds of researchers, lawyers and experts worldwide was launched in the spring of 2005.

The study’s objective is to promote compliance with international humanitarian law and as a result, to offer better protection to victims of war. The study will offer the world a common code of rules applicable to armed conflict that all parties to the conflict are obliged to follow.

This conference brought together prominent professors from Canadian, American and European academic spheres, criminal law experts, and representatives from the Canadian government including the Department of National Defence, as well as representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and lawyers with experience in international tribunals.

For more information on the Customary International Humanitarian Law study, please visit the International Committee of the Red Cross's (ICRC) website.

Substantive report of the conference prepared by the Canadian Red Cross (PDF, 133kb)

Review the detailed Program of the conference (PDF, 424kb)

Download the official poster of the conference (PDF, 571kb)

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Posted May 19, 2005 / updated August 11, 2005